Grifizzi Brothers

In a far-off land below the highest peaks and past the sprawling plains…. travels a people desperate for fantasy, who feed only on stories, magic, falling stars and the glories of love.

But alas the people were starving, and so with these hard times upon, when two mysterious brothers came calling, their appetites were wet and spirits high, ready for a new wonderful and magical time.

“Tell us of the world”, the gypsies cried “We’ve seen wonders beyond your imagination” the brothers replied.

And so it began. Deep into the night, cooking and creating feasts of love, they spun webs of fantastic creatures, enchantments, lost loves, and tragedies too.

And as the people deliciously licked their fingers devouring the foods and fantasies of the nights, the brother’s fantastic words began to dance in the moonlight and showered the people with the joys of the mysterious star studded skies.

More they asked of them, more and more….Until the brothers smiled to themselves, for these strangers knew if they built their story it would be the most compelling… of them all.

Welcome to the Fantastic Grifizzi Brothers and their Carnival of Friends.